A letter from the President

Dear Club Members,

I want to thank everyone that came and participated in the November’s membership meeting. As you know we covered quite a few topics including election of new club officers:

President: Mark Gaylor
Vice President: Danny Bradshaw
Treasurer: Paul Vantries
Secretary: Mike Frey

One of the main topics that was discussed was the financial status of the club. Unfortunately due to an end of year deficit, lack of 2014 membership and cost of mowing, it was discussed and agreed that the 2015 membership would need to be raised to $70 per year. Since the meeting, our new accountants discovered some additional funds that had not been accounted for that will take care of expenses due through the end of the year.

2015 Membership Dues: $70 per year.
Youth Dues 18 and under: $20 per year with paying adult member.

Membership dues can be paid in several ways–>

-Paypal: Log into your PayPal account and click on “Send Money to Friends or Family”. In the form enter treasurer@pegasusrc.com on the “To:” box, $70 in the “Amount” box. **Please fund this from your PayPal or Bank Account and not a Credit Card. This gets us away from the 4% fee). Click Send to Finalize the Payment.

-Nexgen Hobby – will have membership cards. Cash or Checks only, Credit Cards not accepted for dues.

-Mail to: Paul Vantries (Or see Website application for details)
1016 Corbett Street
Hagerstown, MD 21740

-Polar Bear Fly – New Years Day 1/1/2015

Hopefully we will have increased membership for 2015, so we can look at possibly reducing dues for 2016. I would like to challenge all current members to engage in bringing at least one new member next year!


1/1/15 – POLAR BEAR FLY – NEW YEARS DAY! – Snow or Shine! Bring a dish to share with others!

Boonsboro American Legion – 5-7PM Dinner; Meeting 7-PM

5/2/15 – 5/3/15 – IMAC
Register to fly at www.mini-iac.com

8/15/15 – WARBIRD FLY IN

Thanks again for everyone for the continued positive support of the club. Looking forward to a great 2015!!!

Happy Holidays!

Mark Gaylor