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November 2018 Pegasus RC Membership Meeting Notes

Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club
November 3, 2018
7:00 PM Saturday (Boonsboro VFW)

Prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey

17 Members Present

Officer Items
1. Call to Order 7:17PM – Gary
2. Gary – Update of Club and FAA Special Rule for Model Aircraft Changes
3. Secretary Report – Mike Frey – minutes from the March 2018 meeting
(Motion to accept Secretary minutes – Leo, Shane)
4. Treasurer Report – Joey Hagan
a. 63 Current Members
b. Details of 2018 spending have been mailed to all club members quarterly (Motion to accept treasury report Leo, Pap)

1. Grass mowing – 3 timer per week during excessive growing -2 times a week otherwise
2. HGR Wings and Wheels- Club will look for Static displays and informational displays at this event for 2019
3. New Membership Dues Schedule – Dues were left at 80.00 for 2019 due to mowing expenses.
a. New Pricing – $5.00 discount given if paid at Fall Meeting. Regular price until Jan 31. +$5.00 increase after Jan 31st.
4. Trash Removal – Special thanks to John Ausherman for handling bulk of the trash removal.
5. Colin and Pap give Report from Warbird/Fun Fly event
6. Gary gives report from Cookout/Night Fly Event
7. Gary reminds to wear credentials at Field
8. Discussion on Communication with those without E-mail or Web. Possibly still USPS mailing that info – Eddie Miller
9. Discussion on how to grow membership and why membership is down – Doug Harnish


1. Annual Polar Bear Fly – Jan 1st
2. 2019 IMAC Date – Per Brad Davey April 26-28, 2019
3. Pegasus Fly-in/Fun-Fly/BarnBurner 3D Shootout Dates per Colin and Pap – June 21-23, 2019
4. Credentials- Membership Cards will be new color in 2019 – Joey
5. Proposed Monthly Membership event with food and flying in 2019- Alternate Sat or Sun during summer flying season
6. Donation thanks – John Bolton and Don Freeman
7. Club will be purchasing new grill for 2019. Pap will facilitate. Old Grill has decayed beyond repair.
8. Mike Frey proposed to replace MultiGP Flags that have deteriorated this season Approx $150.00 (Motion Pap,Joey)
9. New Quad Racing only Membership for 2019 proposed by Mike Frey – $25.00. Can only use the Quad flying area. (Motion Chris, Pap)
10. Discussion of Eastern Blvd and Park Project and how it will impact Pegasus.
11. Gary gave very positive discussion on the club and the positive environment in 2018.
12. Gary Presented Club Awards
a. Pap
b. Colin Clohan
c. Don Freeman
a. Gary Hartle – President
b. Colin Clohan – VP
c. Joey Hagan– Treasurer
d. Mike Frey – Secretary
14. Election – All nominations unopposed and elected for 2019

Meeting Adjourned 8:52PM (Motion Bill, Leo)

March 2017 Pegasus Membership Meeting Notes

Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club 
March 5, 2017
3:00 PM Sunday (Salvation Army Gymnasium)

Prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey

25 Members Present

Officer Items 
-Call to Order 3:00PM – Gary Hartle
-Secretary Report – Mike Frey read the minutes from the Nov 2016  meeting.
-Treasurer Report – Paul Van Tries
-Asked for anyone not receiving E-mails to please update their Email addresses with Paul or Dennis

-Club Charter for 2017 Received and insurance info sent to Holcim
-Field Lease paid to Holcim for 2017 by Paul
-Paul and Sylvia Mowing Monitors
-Rocket Launch discussion
-Will tape off pit area next time and explain no kids in pits around people planes while launching model rockets.
-Field Clean-up
Spring field Cleanup – April 15th  (Rain Date April 22)
Work on Pavillon Roof and Tables
-Paul and Hootie will arrange field to be rolled prior to IMAC April 29-30

Discussion on Fun Fly for 2017
-Tentative Date Saturday June 10
-Dewayne Keener and Colin will work on putting some of this together. Need other volunteers to step up and help!

Gary discussed making sure you AMA memberships are kept active and we should be policing this at the field as officers see fit. Also Club Memberships due every Jan 1! 
-Recommended displaying credentials at the field when flying (AMA card and Membership card) Will get new membership cards each year different color starting 2018.

Gary discussed club membership and expected behavior.  Positive attitudes! 

New Member packets will need to be made more available for new members to understand club rules and expected behavior.  Pilot Proficiency Tests need to be implemented on new pilots.  

Doug Harnish will head up event for George Memorial

Need to verify Guest Flying rules in bylaws and constitution. How many times are guests allowed before needing to be member? Already rule you must be AMA member to fly off a buddy cord as Guest. On Buddy cord no AMA needed.  

Tabled until November Meeting (will notify club on vote prior to fall meeting) 

-Establish Membership Late Fees in Bylaws
Dec 31 – Jan 31 Grace period
After which there is a $20.00 late fee.
-Establish Compensation for 2018 officers (either 50% or free membership) for club officers.
-Discuss adding defined rule to Pegasus for calling intentions while on flight line.

 Meeting Adjourned at 3:54 PM! 

Indoor Event held – Flew until 7PM.

November 2016 Pegasus Membership Meeting Notes

Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club
November 26, 2016
7:00 PM Saturday (Boonsboro VFW)

Prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey

23 Members Present


Officer Items                                                                                                                    

  1. Call to Order 7:00PM – Mark Gaylor
  2. Secretary Report – Mike Frey read the minutes from the Feb 2016 meeting.
  3. Treasurer Report – Paul Van Tries
  4. 69 Adult Members, 9 Jrs
  5. Thanks for all donations and Sponsorships in 2016
  6. 2016 Review of all events (Powerpoint Presentation) – Frey

Club Business


  1. Doug Harnish requested review of Club Constitution Article 5

Vote taken to reword this entry similar to Frederick’s Club Laws-  (Gary and Doug motion)
Regular club meetings shall be determined at a day, time, and place proposed by the Executive Board.  Emergency club meetings can be called at the discretion of the President.  At any club meeting, a quorum shall be the members present as long as:  

  • The membership has been notified of the meeting at least 30 days in advance of the time, date, and place of the meeting. Such notification shall be accomplished via an announcement on the Club Website/Social Media Page and Email notification to the Email address of record for the member.
    The agenda, including any matters to be voted on by the membership are included in the notification.If both requirements are not met, a quorum shall be any ten members in good standing.


  1. Discussion on Flight Line Calling/Music
    1. Members should be following common sense and communicate on Flight line as per AMA safely guidelines


  1. Spring IMAC Date chosen – April 29,30
    1. Vote to hold Event and close field (Joey and Chris Motion)


  1. IMAC Primer penciled in for Oct 7th.
    1. Motion to close Field for day (Chris and Pap Motion)


  1. New MultiRotor/Drone Race Area announcement
    1. Area will be to the right of the drive parallel to current fixed wing flight line.
    2. More info on caring and upkeep of site coming in 2017


  1. Thanks to Gary and Paul for sending club field info to HGR Regional Airport per the new FAA recommendation for sites within 5 mile radius of Airport.


  1. Club Dues will remain at $80.00 for 2017 (Brad and Joey Motion)


  1. Voted to send Mowers each 150.00 Christmas Bonus for great job in 2016 (all agree)


2017 Officers Elected –

Gary Hartle – President
Dennis King – VP
Paul Van Tries – Treasurer
Mike Frey – Secretary

 Safety Officers –

Chris Jackson
Doug Harnish
Dan Bradshaw



Meeting Adjourned at 8:27 PM.

February 2016 Pegasus Membership Meeting Notes


Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club
February 21, 2016
2:00 PM Sunday (Salvation Army Gym prior to indoor fly)

Prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey

21 Members Present
Officer Items
1. Call to Order 2:00 PM – Mark Gaylor
2. Secretary Report – Mike Frey read the minutes from the November 2015 meeting.
3. Treasurer Report – Paul Van Tries
a. 39 Current Members
b. Account Balance of ~$8600.00
c. Status Quo on Membership numbers. Still early in year.
d. Special thanks to Tobey Hook, Stan Klick, Kevin Jackson, and Sean Merson for their generous donations this year to the club totaling $490.00!!!!


1. Field clean-up date April 2nd (Rain Date April 9th) Plan to work on Solar Panels and battery replacement that day.

2. IMAC Date April 30, May1st weekend
a. Need volunteers to prepare and sell food for event. Need club members to help prepare food for the event. Paul and Sylvia will take the lead and look for other help.

3. Dewayne and Colin will chair a Fun Fly to take place Saturday June 4th
a. Will have fun fly events and demos throughout the day for the public.
b. Mike Frey will do CD and Sanction the event.

4. Warbird Fly-in August 13th
a. Bill Kalb and Leo Hornbaker will chair the event.
b. Will need to discuss Sanctioning?
c. $10 landing fee
d. Bill to define rules for event
e. Field will be closed for general flying for the event
f. Mark will help with Fliers for event

-Discussion over new FAA rules. Feb 19th was the due date to register yourself with the FAA. We will not however be policing FAA registrations. Advice is to stay current with the AMA mailings and blogs with AMA/FAA mandates.

Adjourned at 2:35 PM.



November 2015 Pegasus Membership Meeting

Great Turnout for our Annual Fall Membership Meeting.  Thanks for all who were able to make it out.  These are the Notes from the Meeting-

Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club

FALL 2015 MEETING (Boonsboro VFW)

7:00 PM Saturday (11/14/15)

Notes prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey

32 Members Present


Officer Items                                                                                                                    

  1. Call to Order 7:00 PM – Mark Gaylor
  2. Secretary Report – Mike Frey read the minutes from the March 2015 meeting.
  3. Treasurer Report – Paul Van Tries
    1. 93 Current Members
    2. Mowing cost was substantially lower in 2015 than 2014.
    3. Sylvia taking care of trash removal- savings of approx. $400 year
    4. Account Balance of $5307. Still have one more approx. $220 mowing bill.
    5. Sylvia also took care of keeping “Will call” port-a-john service and saved club unneeded expense.
    6. Club events in 2015 raised $835 (IMAC and Warbird Fly-in)
  4. Mark Gaylor went over budget for 2016 including allotting funds to maintenance Solar Charging equipment. Proposes 2016 Dues raise to $80.00 to increase account safety buffer and cover Solar Maintenance. (Randy motions, Glenn seconds- all in favor)-


Business Items


  1. Discussion of Solar Charging system at field. Possible panel and battery replacement is needed estimated to be $1200. (Randy motions to allow, Doug seconds, Bill Opposed- All else in favor)-Work will be done during Spring 2016 cleanup day as there is no point in repairing prior to Winter months.


  1. IMAC Dates set for 2016 April 30, May 1st
    1. Voted to approve field to hold weekend event (Joey motioned to allow, Josef seconds- all in favor)
  2. Recent Bean Field Damage was discussed- Damage fees to Farmer were taken care of. Discussed using common sense by all members on the property and adjacent properties.
  3. No new members were nominated for 2016 Exec committee. Motion for same Board of Officers for 2016 as follows-

PRESIDENT- Mark Gaylor
TREASURER – Paul Van Tries

New Safety officers will be chosen at Spring Meeting.


Adjourned at 7:35 PM.

Meeting Notes from March 2015 Club Meeting

Pegasus RC Club

March 2015

7:00 PM Saturday (3/21/15)


Prepared by Secretary-Mike Frey


21 Members Present


Officer Items                                                                                                                    

  1. Call to Order 7:00 PM – Mark Gaylor
  2. Secretary Report – Mike Frey read the minutes from the November 2015 meeting.
  3. Treasurer Report – Paul Van Tries
    1. 59 Current Members
    2. All funds moved to Club Account including unaccounted money found in Pay-Pal account from previous years.
    3. Account Balance given
    4. Paul V. looking to cut mowings to 36 over the year so there’s adequate money to pay the bills. This could be adjusted depending on member numbers and fund raisers. Ray has been told to mow runway on Thursdays every week and parking lot and surrounding areas every other week.
    5. “Will call” port-a-john service over winter months from now on.


New Club Business 

    1. IMAC Date Clarification – May 2nd, 3rd
      1. Need volunteers to prepare and sell food for event. Doug Harnish will check schedule, any other volunteers are welcome.
    2. Looking to form Fun Fly/ Cancer Benefit committee
      1. Club Needs a lead to run and promote the event. Exec Committee will assist but due to time constraints cannot go this alone so would like a committee. If this doesn’t happen then the event will likely get cancelled and it will just become a fun fly potluck.
      2. Proposed Date is June 21st.
      3. Rod Cipplinger will CD the event if sanctioned.
    3. Warbird Fly August 15th
      1. Will need volunteers to prepare and sell food
      2. Event will be sanctioned.
      3. $5 landing fee
      4. Bill to define rules for event
    4. Field Clean-up date April 18th (Rain Date April 25) Will assess gravel for drive but likely not needed.
    5. Discussed Club constitution updates and voted to accept changes Dan motions, Glen seconds
    6. Lengthy discussion over Club Bylaw changes. Several items were reworded and final changes were voted on.
      Randy motions, Dan seconds Eddie, Shane oppose


    —>Mark will update and final documents will be E-mailed to members and posted on PegasusRC website.

7.   2015 Safety officers chose

Mike Hornbaker
Glen Vensel
Kevin Jackson

Adjourned at 8:20 PM.

  Booksreservene .

November Business Meeting Notes

Business Meeting Minutes


Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club

November 2014

7:03 PM Saturday (11/22/14)        

Prepared by Greg Brulo

Members Present: Danny Bradshaw, Greg Brulo, Collin Clohan, Steven Elston, Doug Harnish, Carl Hoock, Leo Hornbaker, Billy Humphreys, William Kalb, Dennis King, Robert Clippinger, Joseph Hagan, Michael Lutz, Eddie Miller, Josef Ott, Carl Patetta, James Sanderson, Shane Spickler, Paul Van Tries, DeWayne Keener, Gary Hartle, Bradley Davy, Boubakar Outtara, Mark Gaylor, Mike Frey

Non Members Present: Sylvia Wagner


Officer Items                                                                                                                    

  1. Call to Order 7:03 PM – Mark Gaylor
  2. Secretary Report – Greg Brulo read the minutes from the September 2014 meeting.
    1. Doug Harnish Motioned to accept the minutes
    2. All in favor
  3. Treasurer Report – Doug Harnish
    1. Final Balance $421.06
      1. Port-a-Pot and trash needs paid for November and December. Doug estimates $80.00 combined.
    2. The 2015 dues are not calculated yet. A summary of expenses follows:
      1. Mowing was $3060 in 2013
      2. Mowing was $4250 in 2014
      3. $3623 dollars came in for 2013
      4. $4848.87 were the expenses for 2014
        Gary Hartle motions to accept the Treasurer Report.
        All in favor
      5. Leo Hornbaker seconds




  1. 2015 Officer Election
    1. Nominations
      1. President – Mark Gaylor
      2. Vice President – Dan Bradshaw
      3. Treasurer – Paul Van Tries
      4. Secretary – Mike Frey and Shane Spickler
    2. Mike Frey wins the Secretary position by electionDoug Harnish Motions to accept the officers for 2015 as presented 
      All in favor
  2. Constitution and By-Laws
    1. The club reviewed the proposed changes to the constitution and by-laws.  
    2. The members participated in presenting additional changes.
    3. Mark Gaylor will make the changes to the documents and present at the February Business meeting for a vote.
  3. 2015 Dues
    1. Expenses were about $4848 this year.
    2. $4848 / 60 members is $80 a person.
    3. The membership suggests making dues $70 each for $2015.
    4. All members who want to fly in 2015 need to pay $70. Paying your dues before the New Year does not grandfather in the 2014 rate this year.
    5. Youth members will pay $20 for dues with a paying adult family member.

4. Eddie Miller thanks Paul Van Tries for donating the wheels on the tables. Thank you Paul Van Tries.

 5. Doug Harnish suggests we give our regular $150 gift to the mower

-1st weekend in May.  May 2nd and 3rd

7. Warbird Fly In
-August 15th

 8. Letter from the President
-Mark will send a letter or email to the club membership explaining the increase in dues. 


Motion to Adjourn: Greg Brulo
Second: Doug Harnish
Adjourned at 9:08 PM. ip information Sympwellconsrestde .