Club Membership Info


What’s required to join and fly at Pegasus? Here are the requirements.

First off you’ll need to join the AMA. Information for this process is provided at

Second you will need to fill out the Club Application and pay your yearly dues to our treasurer. This will give you a probationary membership in which you’ll need to complete a Pilot Proficiency Test to receive your standard membership and be permitted to fly unattended.  Also please download a copy of our club flying rules–> Pegasus Model Airplane Club Flight Rules


You may also pay your membership through a secure PayPal transaction…
These are the instructions->
 Log into your PalPal account and click on “Send Money to Friends or Family”.  In the form enter on the “To:” box, $80 in the “Amount” box.  **Please fund this from your PayPal or Bank Account and not a Credit Card. This gets us away from the 4% fee) Click Send to Finalize the Payment.

We can also provide training throughout the Summer months. We will do our utmost to provide attention to a new pilot’s needs. Please contact one of the Club Execs on the contacts if you are interested.

If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the Club representatives listed on the contacts page.

Feel free to read our club constitution and by-laws by clicking the links below-

 Pegasus RC Club Constitution

Pegasus RC Club Bylaws