Pegasus Fall General Membership Meeting

When: Saturday November 26th
Dinner from 5:00-7:00
Meeting from 7:00-9:00
Where: Boonsboro American Legion
710 North Main Street
Boonsboro, MD 21713
2016 Financial Report
2017 Dues
2017 IMAC Schedule
Election of 2017 Officers
Current Officers:
President: Mark Gaylor
Vice President: Dan Bradshaw
Treasurer: Paul Vantres
Secretary: Mike Frey
Please let one of us know of any nominations for 2017 officers.
If you are interested in being a chairperson or helping with an event such as a Fun-fly or Fly-in, please let one of the officers know.

If you have any items that you want to sell please feel free to bring them along.
Hope to see everyone there!

2016 Pegasus Fun Fly a SUCCESS!

Thanks to everyone that came out to our Fun Fly last Saturday and supported another very successful event at Pegasus RC.
We would like to extend a special thanks to deWayne Keener(Pap) and Collin Clohan for organizing and putting on such a great event.

Also we would like to acknowledge and thank the following…

Frederick Gymnastics Club—Mason Jackson
Home Run Inc—Chris Jackson
Landmark Elevators—Bill Block
Tower Hobbies
Chief Aircraft
Field Setup
Hootie Johnson
Chris Jackson
Collin Clohan
deWayne Keener
Jerry Spizzo
PA System
Doug Harnish
MC and Voice of the Fun Fly
Chris Jackson
Food Services and Raffle
Kayla Bradshaw
Bailee Brasdhaw and Megan Frey
Collin’s family
Antietam Dairy

Participating Pilots-
Dan Bradshaw, Brent Taylor, Dennis King, Shane Spickler, Mason Jackson. Mike Frey, Collin Clohan, Dale Settle, Mark Gaylor, Doug Harnish, Mike Wilhelm, Bill Siegel

Many Thanks to the Pilots who gave of their time and resources to provide entertainment and display their flying skills. A special thank you to Mark Gaylor and Mike Frey for the jet demos.

Pilot Skills Contest-
Dead Stick 1st Mike Wilhelm, 2nd Mike Frey, 3rd Mason Jackson
All Up/Last Down 1st Mike Frey, 2nd Dan Bradshaw, 3rd Shane Spickler
Egg Drop 1st Mark Gaylor, 2nd Dennis King, 3rd Shane Spickler
Pegasus Hop 1st Mike Wilhelm, 2nd Shane Spickler, 3rd Dan Bradshaw
Limbo Competition 1st (Tie) Mason Jackson & Collin Clohan, 3rd Shane Spickler

Winner of the 50/50 was Doug Harnish who donated all the winnings back to the club (THANKS DOUG!)

Pegasus Fun Fly – June 4th


Pegasus Fun Fly

(AMA Sanctioned #1308)

June 4, 2016

8:00 – 8:30  Pilot Registration

8:30               Pilot Meeting

8:30               Opening Ceremony

8:45               Open Flying (Buddy Box available to public)

9:30               Flying Contest: 1) All Up/ Last Down, 2) Dead Stick Spot Landing, 3) Egg Drop, 4) Pegasus Hop

11:30             Lunch

12:00             Turbine Jet Demo

12:30             3D Freestyle Demo

1:00               Quad Copter FPV Racing

1:30               Open Flying (Buddy Box available to public)

2:00               Turbine Jet Demo

2:30               Reno Racing

3:00               Limbo Competition

3:30               Close of Show         Raffle Drawings

DC Drone Day Participation

Pegasus RC will be participating in the AMA DC Drone Day Public event May 7th, 2016.

Lunch will be available for purchase from 12:00-2:00PM.
Tentative Schedule of events-

10AM – Open to public as advertised
10-11 – OPEN flying/Aerobatic demonstrations
11-11:45 – Jet Turbine Demo
11:45-12:00 – Course setup for Quad Race
12:00-1:00 Quad Racing Demo – DJI Inspire Demo – LUNCH
1:00-1:15- Field teardown of Quad Course
1:15-3:00 OPEN Flying, Buddy Box, etc.
3:00 – 3:30 Jet Turbine Demo
3:30 – 5:00 Quad Racing Demo #2 if time and interest permits

See http://www.dcdroneday.comfor more info-

February 2016 Pegasus Membership Meeting Notes


Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club
February 21, 2016
2:00 PM Sunday (Salvation Army Gym prior to indoor fly)

Prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey

21 Members Present
Officer Items
1. Call to Order 2:00 PM – Mark Gaylor
2. Secretary Report – Mike Frey read the minutes from the November 2015 meeting.
3. Treasurer Report – Paul Van Tries
a. 39 Current Members
b. Account Balance of ~$8600.00
c. Status Quo on Membership numbers. Still early in year.
d. Special thanks to Tobey Hook, Stan Klick, Kevin Jackson, and Sean Merson for their generous donations this year to the club totaling $490.00!!!!


1. Field clean-up date April 2nd (Rain Date April 9th) Plan to work on Solar Panels and battery replacement that day.

2. IMAC Date April 30, May1st weekend
a. Need volunteers to prepare and sell food for event. Need club members to help prepare food for the event. Paul and Sylvia will take the lead and look for other help.

3. Dewayne and Colin will chair a Fun Fly to take place Saturday June 4th
a. Will have fun fly events and demos throughout the day for the public.
b. Mike Frey will do CD and Sanction the event.

4. Warbird Fly-in August 13th
a. Bill Kalb and Leo Hornbaker will chair the event.
b. Will need to discuss Sanctioning?
c. $10 landing fee
d. Bill to define rules for event
e. Field will be closed for general flying for the event
f. Mark will help with Fliers for event

-Discussion over new FAA rules. Feb 19th was the due date to register yourself with the FAA. We will not however be policing FAA registrations. Advice is to stay current with the AMA mailings and blogs with AMA/FAA mandates.

Adjourned at 2:35 PM.



Winter Meeting / Indoor Fun Fly

Dear Pegasus Members,

We have decided to combine the club meeting and an indoor fly.  If you have an FPV Quad, bring it we will be trying our first indoor race!

Where: Salvation Army Gymnasium – 525 George Street, Hagerstown, MD 21740

When: Sunday February 21st  – 2-4 PM

We will start with the meeting at 2 PM and then Fly.

Hope to see everyone there!

On another note, we have been bombarded about questions on the FAA Guidelines that you agree to when you register with the FAA.  We are a Community Based Flying organization protected by AMA.  As long as we are flying by AMA rules there should be no intervention of FAA or law enforcement.  Should law enforcement come to the field and ask you to stop flying, please abide politely and get the officers name and as much information as possible, and contact one of the club officers so we can get AMA to rectify.

We will not be policing to see the each pilot is registered with the FAA!  This is up to each individual!

In case you have not received from the AMA below is a link to an informational video about the FAA Guidelines.


Best regards,

Mark Gaylor

Pegasus RC Airplane Club – Polar Bear Fly / FAA Registration

Letter from the Pres-

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Please join us to bring in the New Year

New Year’s Day Friday January 1st 2016

Pot Luck Lunch – Bring something to share!

Hope to see everyone there!


Please note that we are requesting that an application form be filled out for all members so we can update and correct everyone’s information.  If you are intending to pay for your 2016 Membership at the Polar Bear please print and bring the attached application form with you.  2016 Membership is $80.



As you know the FAA is trying to impose more rules because of people flying drones irresponsibly and jeopardizing the safety of full scale aircraft.


The AMA is working to rectify AMA members having to register with the FAA.  If you have not already registered please don’t until AMA advises otherwise.


Also there is a link to FAA’s comment page.  Please comment on these new ridiculous rules!  It’s time to stop complaining and start taking action!!


November 2015 Pegasus Membership Meeting

Great Turnout for our Annual Fall Membership Meeting.  Thanks for all who were able to make it out.  These are the Notes from the Meeting-

Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club

FALL 2015 MEETING (Boonsboro VFW)

7:00 PM Saturday (11/14/15)

Notes prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey

32 Members Present


Officer Items                                                                                                                    

  1. Call to Order 7:00 PM – Mark Gaylor
  2. Secretary Report – Mike Frey read the minutes from the March 2015 meeting.
  3. Treasurer Report – Paul Van Tries
    1. 93 Current Members
    2. Mowing cost was substantially lower in 2015 than 2014.
    3. Sylvia taking care of trash removal- savings of approx. $400 year
    4. Account Balance of $5307. Still have one more approx. $220 mowing bill.
    5. Sylvia also took care of keeping “Will call” port-a-john service and saved club unneeded expense.
    6. Club events in 2015 raised $835 (IMAC and Warbird Fly-in)
  4. Mark Gaylor went over budget for 2016 including allotting funds to maintenance Solar Charging equipment. Proposes 2016 Dues raise to $80.00 to increase account safety buffer and cover Solar Maintenance. (Randy motions, Glenn seconds- all in favor)-


Business Items


  1. Discussion of Solar Charging system at field. Possible panel and battery replacement is needed estimated to be $1200. (Randy motions to allow, Doug seconds, Bill Opposed- All else in favor)-Work will be done during Spring 2016 cleanup day as there is no point in repairing prior to Winter months.


  1. IMAC Dates set for 2016 April 30, May 1st
    1. Voted to approve field to hold weekend event (Joey motioned to allow, Josef seconds- all in favor)
  2. Recent Bean Field Damage was discussed- Damage fees to Farmer were taken care of. Discussed using common sense by all members on the property and adjacent properties.
  3. No new members were nominated for 2016 Exec committee. Motion for same Board of Officers for 2016 as follows-

PRESIDENT- Mark Gaylor
TREASURER – Paul Van Tries

New Safety officers will be chosen at Spring Meeting.


Adjourned at 7:35 PM.

Pegasus RC Airplane Club Fall 2015 Membership Meeting

Pegasus RC Airplane Club Fall 2015 Membership Meeting


Ladies and Gentlemen it is time once again to hold our fall membership meeting.  Please join us!


When: Saturday November 14th
Dinner from 5:00-7:00
Meeting from 7:00-9:00

                Where: Boonsboro American Legion

                            710 North Main Street

                             Boonsboro, MD 21713



2015 Financial Report

2016 Dues

2016 IMAC Scheduled for April 30-May 1, 2016

Election of 2016 Officers

Current Officers:

President: Mark Gaylor

Vice President: Dan Bradshaw

Treasurer: Paul VanTries

Secretary: Mike Frey


If you are interested in being a chairperson or helping with an event such as a Fun-fly or Fly-in, please let one of the officers know. 


If you have any items that you want to sell please feel free to bring them along. 

 Hope to see everyone there!