Meeting Notes from March 2015 Club Meeting

Pegasus RC Club

March 2015

7:00 PM Saturday (3/21/15)


Prepared by Secretary-Mike Frey


21 Members Present


Officer Items                                                                                                                    

  1. Call to Order 7:00 PM – Mark Gaylor
  2. Secretary Report – Mike Frey read the minutes from the November 2015 meeting.
  3. Treasurer Report – Paul Van Tries
    1. 59 Current Members
    2. All funds moved to Club Account including unaccounted money found in Pay-Pal account from previous years.
    3. Account Balance given
    4. Paul V. looking to cut mowings to 36 over the year so there’s adequate money to pay the bills. This could be adjusted depending on member numbers and fund raisers. Ray has been told to mow runway on Thursdays every week and parking lot and surrounding areas every other week.
    5. “Will call” port-a-john service over winter months from now on.


New Club Business 

    1. IMAC Date Clarification – May 2nd, 3rd
      1. Need volunteers to prepare and sell food for event. Doug Harnish will check schedule, any other volunteers are welcome.
    2. Looking to form Fun Fly/ Cancer Benefit committee
      1. Club Needs a lead to run and promote the event. Exec Committee will assist but due to time constraints cannot go this alone so would like a committee. If this doesn’t happen then the event will likely get cancelled and it will just become a fun fly potluck.
      2. Proposed Date is June 21st.
      3. Rod Cipplinger will CD the event if sanctioned.
    3. Warbird Fly August 15th
      1. Will need volunteers to prepare and sell food
      2. Event will be sanctioned.
      3. $5 landing fee
      4. Bill to define rules for event
    4. Field Clean-up date April 18th (Rain Date April 25) Will assess gravel for drive but likely not needed.
    5. Discussed Club constitution updates and voted to accept changes Dan motions, Glen seconds
    6. Lengthy discussion over Club Bylaw changes. Several items were reworded and final changes were voted on.
      Randy motions, Dan seconds Eddie, Shane oppose


    —>Mark will update and final documents will be E-mailed to members and posted on PegasusRC website.

7.   2015 Safety officers chose

Mike Hornbaker
Glen Vensel
Kevin Jackson

Adjourned at 8:20 PM.

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