November 2018 Pegasus RC Membership Meeting Notes

Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club
November 3, 2018
7:00 PM Saturday (Boonsboro VFW)

Prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey

17 Members Present

Officer Items
1. Call to Order 7:17PM – Gary
2. Gary – Update of Club and FAA Special Rule for Model Aircraft Changes
3. Secretary Report – Mike Frey – minutes from the March 2018 meeting
(Motion to accept Secretary minutes – Leo, Shane)
4. Treasurer Report – Joey Hagan
a. 63 Current Members
b. Details of 2018 spending have been mailed to all club members quarterly (Motion to accept treasury report Leo, Pap)

1. Grass mowing – 3 timer per week during excessive growing -2 times a week otherwise
2. HGR Wings and Wheels- Club will look for Static displays and informational displays at this event for 2019
3. New Membership Dues Schedule – Dues were left at 80.00 for 2019 due to mowing expenses.
a. New Pricing – $5.00 discount given if paid at Fall Meeting. Regular price until Jan 31. +$5.00 increase after Jan 31st.
4. Trash Removal – Special thanks to John Ausherman for handling bulk of the trash removal.
5. Colin and Pap give Report from Warbird/Fun Fly event
6. Gary gives report from Cookout/Night Fly Event
7. Gary reminds to wear credentials at Field
8. Discussion on Communication with those without E-mail or Web. Possibly still USPS mailing that info – Eddie Miller
9. Discussion on how to grow membership and why membership is down – Doug Harnish


1. Annual Polar Bear Fly – Jan 1st
2. 2019 IMAC Date – Per Brad Davey April 26-28, 2019
3. Pegasus Fly-in/Fun-Fly/BarnBurner 3D Shootout Dates per Colin and Pap – June 21-23, 2019
4. Credentials- Membership Cards will be new color in 2019 – Joey
5. Proposed Monthly Membership event with food and flying in 2019- Alternate Sat or Sun during summer flying season
6. Donation thanks – John Bolton and Don Freeman
7. Club will be purchasing new grill for 2019. Pap will facilitate. Old Grill has decayed beyond repair.
8. Mike Frey proposed to replace MultiGP Flags that have deteriorated this season Approx $150.00 (Motion Pap,Joey)
9. New Quad Racing only Membership for 2019 proposed by Mike Frey – $25.00. Can only use the Quad flying area. (Motion Chris, Pap)
10. Discussion of Eastern Blvd and Park Project and how it will impact Pegasus.
11. Gary gave very positive discussion on the club and the positive environment in 2018.
12. Gary Presented Club Awards
a. Pap
b. Colin Clohan
c. Don Freeman
a. Gary Hartle – President
b. Colin Clohan – VP
c. Joey Hagan– Treasurer
d. Mike Frey – Secretary
14. Election – All nominations unopposed and elected for 2019

Meeting Adjourned 8:52PM (Motion Bill, Leo)