November Business Meeting Notes

Business Meeting Minutes


Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club

November 2014

7:03 PM Saturday (11/22/14)        

Prepared by Greg Brulo

Members Present: Danny Bradshaw, Greg Brulo, Collin Clohan, Steven Elston, Doug Harnish, Carl Hoock, Leo Hornbaker, Billy Humphreys, William Kalb, Dennis King, Robert Clippinger, Joseph Hagan, Michael Lutz, Eddie Miller, Josef Ott, Carl Patetta, James Sanderson, Shane Spickler, Paul Van Tries, DeWayne Keener, Gary Hartle, Bradley Davy, Boubakar Outtara, Mark Gaylor, Mike Frey

Non Members Present: Sylvia Wagner


Officer Items                                                                                                                    

  1. Call to Order 7:03 PM – Mark Gaylor
  2. Secretary Report – Greg Brulo read the minutes from the September 2014 meeting.
    1. Doug Harnish Motioned to accept the minutes
    2. All in favor
  3. Treasurer Report – Doug Harnish
    1. Final Balance $421.06
      1. Port-a-Pot and trash needs paid for November and December. Doug estimates $80.00 combined.
    2. The 2015 dues are not calculated yet. A summary of expenses follows:
      1. Mowing was $3060 in 2013
      2. Mowing was $4250 in 2014
      3. $3623 dollars came in for 2013
      4. $4848.87 were the expenses for 2014
        Gary Hartle motions to accept the Treasurer Report.
        All in favor
      5. Leo Hornbaker seconds




  1. 2015 Officer Election
    1. Nominations
      1. President – Mark Gaylor
      2. Vice President – Dan Bradshaw
      3. Treasurer – Paul Van Tries
      4. Secretary – Mike Frey and Shane Spickler
    2. Mike Frey wins the Secretary position by electionDoug Harnish Motions to accept the officers for 2015 as presented 
      All in favor
  2. Constitution and By-Laws
    1. The club reviewed the proposed changes to the constitution and by-laws.  
    2. The members participated in presenting additional changes.
    3. Mark Gaylor will make the changes to the documents and present at the February Business meeting for a vote.
  3. 2015 Dues
    1. Expenses were about $4848 this year.
    2. $4848 / 60 members is $80 a person.
    3. The membership suggests making dues $70 each for $2015.
    4. All members who want to fly in 2015 need to pay $70. Paying your dues before the New Year does not grandfather in the 2014 rate this year.
    5. Youth members will pay $20 for dues with a paying adult family member.

4. Eddie Miller thanks Paul Van Tries for donating the wheels on the tables. Thank you Paul Van Tries.

 5. Doug Harnish suggests we give our regular $150 gift to the mower

-1st weekend in May.  May 2nd and 3rd

7. Warbird Fly In
-August 15th

 8. Letter from the President
-Mark will send a letter or email to the club membership explaining the increase in dues. 


Motion to Adjourn: Greg Brulo
Second: Doug Harnish
Adjourned at 9:08 PM. ip information Sympwellconsrestde .