Winter Meeting / Indoor Fun Fly

Dear Pegasus Members,

We have decided to combine the club meeting and an indoor fly.  If you have an FPV Quad, bring it we will be trying our first indoor race!

Where: Salvation Army Gymnasium – 525 George Street, Hagerstown, MD 21740

When: Sunday February 21st  – 2-4 PM

We will start with the meeting at 2 PM and then Fly.

Hope to see everyone there!

On another note, we have been bombarded about questions on the FAA Guidelines that you agree to when you register with the FAA.  We are a Community Based Flying organization protected by AMA.  As long as we are flying by AMA rules there should be no intervention of FAA or law enforcement.  Should law enforcement come to the field and ask you to stop flying, please abide politely and get the officers name and as much information as possible, and contact one of the club officers so we can get AMA to rectify.

We will not be policing to see the each pilot is registered with the FAA!  This is up to each individual!

In case you have not received from the AMA below is a link to an informational video about the FAA Guidelines.


Best regards,

Mark Gaylor