Winter/Spring Club Meeting Notes

Pegasus Radio Control Airplane Club

March 2, 2019
3:30 PM Saturday (Hagerstown Salvation Army Gym)
Prepared by Secretary – Mike Frey
18 Members Present

Officer Items       

Call to Order 3:32PM – Gary

Gary – Update of Club and FAA Special Rule for Model Aircraft Changes

Secretary Report – Mike Frey – minutes from the Nov 2018 meeting

Treasurer Report – Joey Hagan

48 Current Members

Bank Account Balance

Details of spending will continue to be mailed to all club members on quarterly basis
(Motion to accept treasury report)


Polar Bear Fly Success

Grass mowing – 3 timer per week during excessive growing -2 times a week otherwise – mowing days Tues and Fri afternoons

Trailers parked on Flight Line Reminder

Trash Removal – Special thanks to John Ausherman for handling bulk of the trash removal.

Flight Line courtesy

Pap – New Grill Purchase

Regular Monthly Picnics – Proposed Dates alternating Sat – SunSat May 25
Sun July 21
Sun Aug 18
Sat Sept 21
Sun Oct 20


Fixed Wing and Quad intro training (3 times and must join)

2019 IMAC – Brad Davey April 26-28, 2019 – New Novice Class in 2019 – not judged
Club Members 10 Entry fee (must present valid 2019 Pegasus Club card
Non- Club Members pay normal IMAC entry fees
Pap’s Kitchen will prepare food for sale

Field Clean Up Date – April 13 (backup date April 20)

Will try to get Truck load of gravel delivered and spread in Driveway Approx Spend $415 (motion Brent, Bruce) all approve

Will get field rolled prior to IMAC if possible

Pegasus Fly-in/Fun-Fly/Barn Burner 3D Shootout Dates Colin and Pap – June 21-23, 2019

Reminder of new Dues Schedule – Pay at Nov Meeting – $75. Pay until Jan 21st – $80. Pay after Jan 31 – $85

Discussion around FPV 5Ghz VTX channel re-use.

Donation thanks – Matthew Kaylor

FPV Course – Purchased new Flag fabric and few new gate fabric. Mike donated materials to rebuild new High Gate and new Multi-level double gate EMT material. Looking for fiberglass poles to add/replace old poles. May want to purchase new.  

Possible Static Club Display at HGR for monthly public events – Possible dates April 27, May 18, June 29, Aug 17, Sept 28, Oct 19

Meeting Ajourned  4:20PM Followed by indoor fly